Marta Lett Celtic Calligraphy


Sunday 5 May   10am – 3.30pm
$85 / $70 concession (includes kit)

Recreate beautiful illuminated patterns, symbols and letters using traditional Celtic calligraphy techniques.

Tutor will supply: Calligraphy pens & nibs; Colour inks; Colour pencils; Handout sheets; Calligraphy workbook; Grid & Dot papers; 2 x small pieces of smooth watercolour paper; Sumi black pigment ink (decanted into small ink bottle); Watercolour gouache – a small sample of 3 colours; Size 0 – pointed round brush; Water dropper; Safety ink well holder. Marta will also supply a Calligraphy Kit.  The kit cost has been included in the workshop fee.

Participants to bring: 2B Pencil & Sharpener OR .5mm 2B Mechanical Pencil; 30cm Ruler (with clear legible measures); Eraser; Medium size empty jar for rinse water; Soft clean rag (cotton t-shirt fabric is best – NOT towelling); Small clean palette for paints/inks; bag to hold A4 size materials. Optional items students can bring: – Sketch book; A4 Folder with plastic sleeves; Colour pencils; .4 Black Marker (eg.)


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Artist Bio

I am an Australian woman of Celtic heritage. I am an artist and designer of hand crafted lettering, Celtic art & drawing from nature. I use watercolour gouache, inks, acrylics & gilding for painting and calligraphy, dabbling in mixed media, printmaking & pyrography. Favouring works on paper, canvas & gourds.

My intricate & vibrant paintings feature Celtic patterns interlaced with native plants, birds, insects & calligraphy. My tools of choice are very fine pointed brushes, calligraphy pens with chisel or pointed nibs, or made from found objects. I prefer soft colour pencils for fine drawings of birdlife.