Marisa Quigley and Racheal Oak Butler Community Singing


Saturday 4 May  1pm – 3.30pm





Sponsored by Dirrawarra 

Get that warm feel good buzz that group singing gives us! Learn an original arrangement of  “Where the two Rivers Meet” – a Bpangerang Animal Song inspired by the stories of Uncle Freddie Dowling.


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Artist Bios

Marisa Quigley and Racheal Oak Butler are two singer-songwriters based in North East Victoria who have collaborated on several projects. In 2017, GANEAA enlisted their talents to teach song writing skills and to create The Bpangerang Animal Song along with teacher Cazz Hicks at Wangaratta Primary School. Originally from Darwin, Marisa has released two solo albums and also fronts Victorian blues band Chubby Rae & the Elevators. Proudly Gamilaroi, Racheal is a musician, writer and story teller, who released an EP in 2015 and continues to perform music and spoken word throughout the country.