Lucille Loveday – Bring Dancing Back 2 – Workshop for Adults

Sunday 2 May 1pm – 3.30pm
Full Workshop Fee $40/$35 Health Care Card


‘Bring Dancing Back’ is a visceral experience with Dance Artist Lucille.

In a family-friendly space you will learn how to respond to your desire for connection by using your body as an elemental agent of change.

An all-inclusive movement session will be accompanied by a playlist of global music. 

Artist Bio

Lucille Loveday is a local dancer and educator.  With 20 years experience sharing her passion for dance and performance, she seeks connection and understanding of our commonalities as humans through the language and synergy of movement. Promoting dance and movement as a community artistic experience her work promotes anti racism, gender inclusivity, positivity and mental wellness.

Often found by the river, drinking coffee or dancing with her children, Lucille loves to imbue everyday life with the reverence of artistic sensibility. She believes that if you can move your little toe- you can dance.. and dance you must!