Jo Briscomb – Charcoal Making & Drawing

Friday 30 April  10am – 4pm
Full Workshop Fee plus Material Fee $80/$65 Health Care Card


Have you ever wanted to draw with your own hand made charcoal? In this two-part workshop Jo will guide you through drawing techniques using different types of charcoal and teach you how to make your own charcoal sticks.

Participants to supply: small metal tin with lid (approx. 15cm x 15cm x 5cm) this is going to be burnt – so don’t bring a tin you want to keep.

Jo to supply: Paper, Charcoal, pastels, (other drawing equipment) branches, wire, cutting knives etc.

Artist Bio

I studied at the Prahran Art School and the Victorian College of Arts in the early 1980’s and later returned to teach drawing and painting at the VCA until the early 90’s. I worked at the NGV in the late 90s and developed a series of children’s art class which continue today. I have taught drawing and painting in a variety of settings ever since – between working on my own Art, travelling, exhibiting and raising a family. I have lived in North East Victoria for more than 20 years and my drawings and paintings are inspired by its unique environment. In the last few years I have returned to drawing, using a combination of homemade, bushfire-made and manufactured charcoals and pastels.