Jacqui Stockdale ~ Creative Portrait (Selfie) Photography

Saturday 6 May,  10 am – 3.30pm
Fee: $80/$65 concession (materials included)

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Using a painted backdrop of The Ovens River – create portraits with phones and / or cameras.  Skills explored in the workshop:  camera use, composition, studio lighting, expressing an individual’s personality, using props / masks.

Artist Bio:

Jacqui Stockdale is highly regarded for the practice as a painter, drawer and photographer and has been recognised in major awards, prizes and institutional exhibitions.  Stockdale’s work is both exuberant and serious.  She sets up theatrical scenes using carnival masks, costumes and objects collected from her travels to create illuminations and unexpected relationships that comment on the complexity of human emotions and cultural lineage.  Her practice explores the presence of objects that weave between history, folklore and the carnivalesque.