Inga Hanover ~ Drawing Narratives in Concertina Books

Inga Hanover ~ Drawing Narratives in Concertina Books

Saturday 2 May ~ 10am – 3.30pm
$80/$60 concession
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In this workshop participants will use a variety of drawing mediums and techniques and a number of thematic starting points to create visual narratives on paper that will be cut and folded into concertina style booklets.


Artist Bio:

Since 2003, Inga Hanover has continued a daily drawing project reflecting on and/or recording an element of each of the 365 days of each year. The drawings are recorded in a variety of analogue and digital mediums and then transcribed into bound artists’ books, concertina books, prints, games and paper sculptures.

For these formats, a single object is isolated from the daily drawings, excluding the background, scanned and then ‘collaged’ into new constructed dialogues, with original meanings sometimes lost via new narratives. This allows for play, an opportunity to re-construct and animate the individual images taken from the daily drawing discipline.