Desiree Walker Introduction to Traditional Weaving

Date: Saturday 13 May

Time: 10.00am – 3.30pm

Cost:  $110/$95 Health Care Card

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Workshop Description

Have you ever wondered just how a fabric is put together? Well, weaving warp and weft threads is one way and you can learn how to create basic forms with this traditional weaving technique.

Participants should be able to complete a small bowl or mini wall hanging during the workshop.

Materials provided.

Artist Bio

Desiree Walker is a proud First Nation woman, local elder, and artist who was taught weaving many years ago and has made this traditional skill the main focus of her life.




Walker, Desiree. n.d. Wall Hanging. Traditional Aboriginal weaving, woven in Victorian method.   Facebook.


This piece represents the ongoing circular flow of life & nature.
“We are all connected”

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