Adrienne Doig – Textile Upcycling

Sunday 2 May  10am – 3.30pm
Full Workshop Fee and Material Fee $80/$65 Health Care Card


Do you want to upcycle some of those discarded or unfinished projects and lovely textiles you have lying around? This workshop could be for you.

Adrienne Doig works in a variety of media including embroidery, applique sculpture, paint, video and multimedia. A common theme in her work is self- portraiture and recording everyday life. Adrienne’s art practice is concerned with representations of the intimate details of life, a cup of tea, housework, as well as experiences with nature, which also relate to wider environmental and political issues. Often her work includes adapting ready-made household items such as tea towels of soft furnishings into the background of her self-portraits. By manipulating, reworking and combining imagery from multiple sources Adrienne records her own experiences within a larger context. 

Participants are asked to bring: previously unfinished projects, old or recycled items to work on (e.g. scrap fabrics. old clothes and recycled items)