SELECTION/DIRECTION – next exhibition at The Bainz Gallery

Hey GANEAA Members

Have you ever reflected on the amount of decisions

you make in a day, or a week, month , year?...

the consequences of those decisions?..

how they will/have effected your environment,

others around you or

The world as one?…

or parts of our world divided…

 We have power as individuals and as voters as we steer our lives with our choices.

We shape the way we are governed by the direction we cast our vote.

Do you chose a well warn path or the road less travelled?



is the chosen title for our next exhibition at The Bainz Gallery

Opening on Friday 2nd of September 2016 6-8pm

RSVP 28 August 2016

You’re invited to respond to this theme in which ever media best communicates your idea.


We realise the time frame is short,

but nothing like a tight deadline to challenge your creative process.

INCLUSION: Voting for the “People’s Choice” ballot box.


LOGISTICS: Confirm your involvement and

email an Name, Title of work, and Artist’s statement about your work

of say, 50 words …..less but not more.              

to info@ganeaa by August 25th



please have your “hang ready” work delivered to the gallery

Between 10.30 am and 12midday on August 31st 2016

And let us know if you have site specific exhibition requirements.

Further information please contact GANEAA through


Selection Direction updated poster