Wangaratta TAFE Courses

Term 2 Visual Arts Courses

Join experience artist and Lecturer Leonie Partridge. We offer a variety of courses aimed to suit all participants no matter what your skill level.

Pushing the boundaries with Drawing.

Sat 16th April – 18th June.

Cert IV CUVACD301A Produce drawings to communicate ideas

Dip CUVACD501A Refine Drawing and other visual representational tools

10 week program consisting of 6 weeks facilitated workshops 9.30am – 12.30pm. Followed by 4 weeks of 1 hr to further develop your own work. 9.30am -10.30am.

So you have the basics? What next? How to take your drawing skills to the next level.

Explore ways of seeing and interpreting subject matter. Get a stronger understanding of composition.

Use light and dark effectively. Experiment with surface and alternative materials.

This 6 week course will give you a stronger understanding of drawing as a creative process and drawing as an expressive form in its own right. The course will enable you to challenge yourself and develop new skills under the guidance of a qualified supervisor. Through a series of structured workshops the promotion of finished work suitable for exhibition will be achieved.


The Secret of layers with oils.

Time and dates TBA. Expressions of interest sought.

Cert IV CUVPAI401A Experiment with techniques to produce painting

Dip CUVPAI502A Investigate Painting material and processes

10 week program consisting of 6 weeks facilitated workshops 9.30am – 12.30pm. Followed by 4 weeks of 1hr critiques to further develop your own work. 9.30am -10.30am.

Master the technique of building up layers with oil paints. Refine and develop your understanding of the mediums and when to use them. Understand colour mixing and develop a more sophisticated and individual colour palette. This course will guide you through a very a very old and well known technique of using layers that can be applied to very contemporary settings. With a little experience and know how a diverse range of surfaces and effects can be mastered. Topics include;- surface preparation and grounds, underpainting and how to use it, layers to achieve colour, glazes and finishes.


Open studio – explore the creative process.

Expressions of interest sought.

Diploma CUVPRP501A Realise a body of creative work + CUVPRP503A Present a body of creative work

Cert IV CUAPPR401 Realise a Creative Project + CUAPPR404 Develop self as Artist

10 week program consisting of 6 weeks facilitated workshops 9.30am – 12.30pm. Followed by 4 weeks of 1hr critiques to further develop your own work. 9.30am -10.30am.



Visual Art Department direct, Leonie Partridge 03 57236181 Tues–Thurs, Wangaratta.

Deanne Bramley 03 5833258, Mon– Fri.


“Inking the Flyleaf” Exhibition

GANEAA members are invited to participate in an art exhibition that will celebrate both libraries and the pleasure of reading.

The Wangaratta library is undergoing substantial changes this year, in future years the library budget will potentially be trimmed.

The Friends of The Wangaratta library Action Group wish to respond positively via an exhibition called “Inking the Flyleaf”
It will be held during the month of June 2016 in the Bainz Gallery. Library members, local artists and avid readers are invited to express their connection and appreciation of the Wangarratta library and its staff through imaginative works of art.

Those interested in submitting an artwork are asked to contact exhibition co-ordinator – Cassandra Pollock by the 20th March.
The final artwork will need to be completed by the end of May.

Ph – 0478943114

Collectively Members Exhibit

Inspire us & Collectively create something for this EOY Members Exhibit.

You must be a current financial Member of Arts Wodonga to participate in this exhibit. Membership forms can be downloaded from or at the counter at GIGS Art Gallery.

Bump in Tues 1 Dec ‐ Bump out Sunday 24 January 2016 3.30pm

Installation will be handled by GIGS.

Should you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to call Fiona on

0422 633 890 or email

Collectively arts wodonga entry form

Action Needed!

Vision for Wangaratta

Above link is to a Draft copy of Council’s vision for Wangaratta.

159 pages document , Arts, Culture Events & Activation Portfolio starts at page 29.

Response to draft due by the 27th of November.

Please show your support and concerns to the Wangaratta Council.

Send your response to

You can get a free hard copy at the front desk at the council.