Short Accredited Visual Art Courses – Sem 2 2016

Course Code

Course Name

Parent Course

Delivery Date & Hrs


Secret to Layers with Oils

CUV40111 CIV

31/08/2016 x 10wks -16/11/16
10am-1pm x 6 wks +
10am-11am x 4wks


Secret to Layers with Oils

CUV50111 DIP

31/08/2016 x 10wks –
10am-1pm x 6 wks +
10am-11am x 4wks


Pushing the Boundaries with Drawing

CUV40111 CIV

08/10/2016 X 10wks-10/12/16
10am-1pm x 6 wks +
10am-11am x 4wks


Pushing the Boundaries with Drawing

CUV50111 DIP

08/10/2016 X 10wks- 10/12/16
10am-1pm x 6 wks +
10am-11am x 4wks


Life Drawing

CUV40111 CIV

25/08/2016 x 6wks- 13/10/16
6pm-8pm x 6weeks


Life Drawing

CUV50111 DIP

25/08/2016 x 6wks-13/10/16
6pm-8pm x 6weeks

We also have Open studio  09/08/16 -11/10/16  10am-3pm x 8 weeks

Contact Leonie for more information

Leonie Partridge
Visual Arts Teacher
Docker Street Campus

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Great Opportunity – Tell Your Story 16-22 Year Olds

Indi is full of fantastic stories and talented young people to tell them. ABC Heywire launched this week and you can help keep putting Indi on the map by telling a local story in a creative way about your community. Heywire is for 16-22 year olds, and a great platform for young people with a gift for story-telling and production.

Tell your story and win a free trip to the Heywire Regional Youth Summit in Canberra in February 2017. Winners will work with ABC producers and stories will feature on radio, online and TV.

 Visit for information about this great opportunity.

Barnawartha netballer Olivia Carmody was a 2014 winner and you can hear her story online. Her story is a great insight into being part of a country sporting club, and its importance to the local community.

SELECTION/DIRECTION – next exhibition at The Bainz Gallery

Hey GANEAA Members

Have you ever reflected on the amount of decisions

you make in a day, or a week, month , year?...

the consequences of those decisions?..

how they will/have effected your environment,

others around you or

The world as one?…

or parts of our world divided…

 We have power as individuals and as voters as we steer our lives with our choices.

We shape the way we are governed by the direction we cast our vote.

Do you chose a well warn path or the road less travelled?



is the chosen title for our next exhibition at The Bainz Gallery

Opening on Friday 2nd of September 2016 6-8pm

RSVP 28 August 2016

You’re invited to respond to this theme in which ever media best communicates your idea.


We realise the time frame is short,

but nothing like a tight deadline to challenge your creative process.

INCLUSION: Voting for the “People’s Choice” ballot box.


LOGISTICS: Confirm your involvement and

email an Name, Title of work, and Artist’s statement about your work

of say, 50 words …..less but not more.              

to info@ganeaa by August 25th



please have your “hang ready” work delivered to the gallery

Between 10.30 am and 12midday on August 31st 2016

And let us know if you have site specific exhibition requirements.

Further information please contact GANEAA through


Selection Direction updated poster

Love Your Wetlands Exhibition and Invitation


The Goulburn And North East Arts Alliance (GANEAA), Swanpool Cinema, and the Friends of Winton Wetlands have worked together to bring a great afternoon at the Swanpool Cinema on Saturday, May the 7th from 2-5pm.

It’s called ‘Love Your Wetlands’ and follows on from a number of workshops they’ve held at Winton Wetlands. Over 25 regional artists have responded to the theme with art on display including painting, sculpture, textiles, photography, live performance, a guest speaker (Dennis O’Brien, Winton Wetlands Chair) as well as some local short films.

The feature film ‘Tarkine in Motion’ will then follow, produced by the Bob Brown Foundation. We’ve worked hard to put it all together and hope you can join us. See the flyer attached.

Exhibition Opening Saturday May 7 between 2pm and 5pm

Swanpool Cinema Wetlands Exhibition

Love Your Wetlands Application Form

Swanpool Cinema Program

If any GANEAA members would like to have their art work delivered to Swanpool could the art work  be dropped off by 10am on Saturday May the 7th to

Church Street Surgery,

34 Church Street, Benalla, 3672

WW-artists-web2 WW-artists-web

Cabaret Fundraiser – “Bring Back the Bush”

One of our Ganeaa members would like to advertise the following event:

Cabaret Fundraiser – All proceeds go to the Northeast Greens

Bring Back the Bush

Friday 6th May

CWA Hall. Templeton Street

$30 full price, $20 unwaged

Doors open 7.30


Starring multi-award winning drag queen Kaye Sera. Kaye’s quirky cabarets have enjoyed phenomenal success at Melbourne arts festivals. Kaye is one of the few drag acts who sings live and will be performing in Wangaratta accompanied by a talented local pianist. Despite living a high maintenance, glamorous lifestyle Kaye is ardently concerned about the state of the nation and will be entertaining her audience with a number songs peppered with political satire. Laughter is the best tonic for a country already in “election mode”

Adding to the comedy will be notorious improvisational theatre group “The Coal Diggers” .Finally Beechworth based singer/songwriter Marisa Quigley will round out the night and raise the roof with her on stage charisma and heart-felt songs.

Ticket buyers can add to the social nature of the night by bringing their own nibbles to share with friends. Drinks will be at bar prices.

Wangaratta TAFE Courses

Term 2 Visual Arts Courses

Join experience artist and Lecturer Leonie Partridge. We offer a variety of courses aimed to suit all participants no matter what your skill level.

Pushing the boundaries with Drawing.

Sat 16th April – 18th June.

Cert IV CUVACD301A Produce drawings to communicate ideas

Dip CUVACD501A Refine Drawing and other visual representational tools

10 week program consisting of 6 weeks facilitated workshops 9.30am – 12.30pm. Followed by 4 weeks of 1 hr to further develop your own work. 9.30am -10.30am.

So you have the basics? What next? How to take your drawing skills to the next level.

Explore ways of seeing and interpreting subject matter. Get a stronger understanding of composition.

Use light and dark effectively. Experiment with surface and alternative materials.

This 6 week course will give you a stronger understanding of drawing as a creative process and drawing as an expressive form in its own right. The course will enable you to challenge yourself and develop new skills under the guidance of a qualified supervisor. Through a series of structured workshops the promotion of finished work suitable for exhibition will be achieved.


The Secret of layers with oils.

Time and dates TBA. Expressions of interest sought.

Cert IV CUVPAI401A Experiment with techniques to produce painting

Dip CUVPAI502A Investigate Painting material and processes

10 week program consisting of 6 weeks facilitated workshops 9.30am – 12.30pm. Followed by 4 weeks of 1hr critiques to further develop your own work. 9.30am -10.30am.

Master the technique of building up layers with oil paints. Refine and develop your understanding of the mediums and when to use them. Understand colour mixing and develop a more sophisticated and individual colour palette. This course will guide you through a very a very old and well known technique of using layers that can be applied to very contemporary settings. With a little experience and know how a diverse range of surfaces and effects can be mastered. Topics include;- surface preparation and grounds, underpainting and how to use it, layers to achieve colour, glazes and finishes.


Open studio – explore the creative process.

Expressions of interest sought.

Diploma CUVPRP501A Realise a body of creative work + CUVPRP503A Present a body of creative work

Cert IV CUAPPR401 Realise a Creative Project + CUAPPR404 Develop self as Artist

10 week program consisting of 6 weeks facilitated workshops 9.30am – 12.30pm. Followed by 4 weeks of 1hr critiques to further develop your own work. 9.30am -10.30am.



Visual Art Department direct, Leonie Partridge 03 57236181 Tues–Thurs, Wangaratta.

Deanne Bramley 03 5833258, Mon– Fri.